Business Hours

During the Beginning class you learned about the Business Hours: the time and space you choose to get to work clearing, communicating, receiving, and cooperating with the spirit world.

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What if you could use your awareness about entities
to your benefit?

Imagine having ease, joy and glory with everything, every day! Could entities be part of that? What could you learn and receive from them? What would it be like for you and your business? Would money flow in easily? Would your projects succeed? Would you be happier, and lighter?


In the TTTE Beginning class, you got a toolbox that could allow that to be your reality. Are you using them? And are you being the tools? 

Many of the undesirable side effects people can have from the spirit world are simply due to not using the tools that facilitate all energies and entities. Every choice you make to get to work with entities will pay off in a million unexpected and expansive ways.

Here's your chance to join Dr. Lisa, a TTTE CF, for 8 calls that will allow you to tap in and expand your capacities with entities.

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How does this Teleseries work?

For 4 weeks Dr. Lisa will go live in a closed Facebook Group, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You will receive the 8 audio replays available within 24 hours to download on any device, so you can listen to them again and again.

The kick-off call is on Tuesday, December 7th. And the last Facebook live will be on December 30th, 2021
Prerequisite: Talk To The Entities Beginning

You didn't participate in that class yet?
Check Dr. Lisa's class on December 3rd and 4th to meet the prerequisite before we start! 

What is included?


  • A private Facebook Group only for participants.

  • 8 Facebook lives with Dr. Lisa that will empower you to acknowledge what you know about Clearing,
    Communicating, Receiving and Cooperating with Entities.

  • 8 audio recordings.

Price: USD 150*
*Applies country pricing.


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In my Radically Alive Beyond Abuse book I speak about a time, at the age of seven, when I had a very spiritual and existential experience where the entire universe essentially opened and the illusion of this reality melted in front of me. I saw so many things play out, all different types of, what I know today, are entities.  And as a kid, of course, I thought I was going crazy. The reality was I was already aware of all that, and that has led me to where I’m standing today.

Several years after, I received my first Access Bars® session, a month after my father died, and my world was falling apart. Nothing was working.

During that session, I took a breath for the very first time in my life. And I awoke to a world of choice and possibilities. Nine years later I travel and Zoom worldwide facilitating Access Consciousness®. When something works, I’m always ALL in!

And that's the reason I chose to become a Talk to the Entities Facilitator. And I would love to guide and empower you to acknowledge that you know what you know.

Join me in this adventure

This is for you if...


  • You've taken a TTTE Beginning class and would like to apply the tools in a more effective way for you.
  • You would like to grow your business by embracing what you know.
  • You would like to communicate easily with entities.
  •  You're looking for inspiration, clearings, and empowerment.
  • You are determined to expand your awareness and capacities with entities.


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